About Us

UMC - STAG, humble beginning from suburbs of Pakistan to becoming a house
hold name world over.
A journey spanning over 70 years of delivering finest quality crochet thread / embroidery floss to our consumers - be it individuals or corporations.
The pursuit of excellence, the ability to evolve, learn and improve is an
innate trait transferred from generation to generation. The result brilliant shine, added strength and unique softness making it the most popular embroidery thread around the world. Our thread has been used by some of the world's most famous companies. You've probably saw, worn or even used some of our products at one time or the other! Let our product inspire you! Choose from over 250 colors to make delicate and eye-catching patterns or simply use it for embellishment to celebrate any season! Suitable for all types of freestyle and counted thread embroidery and can be stranded down to a single Ply where necessary.